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Split House: Modern Elegance in Palma

Modern minimalist living room with wooden ceiling and terracotta floor.

Step into the Split House, a testament to modern architecture in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, crafted by Feina Studio in 2020. In a neighborhood known for its industrial history, this house uniquely adapts to its sloping terrain with stepped floors, blending indoor with outdoor. Utilizing eco-friendly materials like wood and cork, it sets a new standard for energy-efficient design amidst Palma’s historic charm.

Plywood House: Exploring Local Craftsmanship in Mallorca

Minimalist room with plywood staircase and patterned tile floor.

Step inside the enchanting world of Plywood House, a masterpiece crafted by designer Feina Studio in the tranquil streets of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. This architectural marvel redefines the essence of modern rustic living through its innovative use of locally sourced plywood and collaborations with traditional artisans.

Seamlessly blending cutting-edge design with the island’s rich heritage, the Plywood House stands as a beacon of sustainable and sophisticated architecture.

Leach Home: Jaime Salvá’s Chic Industrial Retreat

FeaturedLeach Home: Jaime Salvá’s Chic Industrial Retreat

Discover the enchanting Leach Home, a chic and industrially styled apartment in the heart of Palma de Mallorca’s Santa Catalina. Renowned designer Jaime Salvá transforms this space, once a blank canvas post-demolition, into a functional masterpiece for a foreign family’s second residence.

Nestled in a former fishing village, now a gastronomic haven, Leach Home harmoniously blends modern living with the area’s bohemian charm. Experience how carefully curated furniture and lighting breathe life into this unique two-bedroom apartment, making it an epitome of contemporary design in a historical neighborhood.

1710: A Modern Take on Mallorcan Residential Design

1710: A Modern Take on Mallorcan Residential Design

Unveiling Project 1710: a modern twist on traditional Mallorcan architecture by JLE Arquitectos. Settled amidst the rustic charm of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, this residential house artfully combines the region’s customary design with a fresh perspective.

Despite the expansive 14,000 m^2 (approximately 150,694 ft^2) plot, only a fraction is developed, ensuring this home stands as a beacon of modernity while embracing its enchanting surroundings, from the mountains to the meticulously designed gardens.

The Lodge Mallorca: A Deep Dive into Único Hotels’ Design Excellence

The Lodge Mallorca: A Deep Dive into Único Hotels’ Design Excellence

Overlooking the UNESCO-protected Sierra de Tramuntana, The Lodge Mallorca defines luxury in the heart of Spain. Designed by the acclaimed Pilar García-Nieto in 2022, this hotel showcases an impeccable blend of Mediterranean elegance, serenity, and environmental mindfulness.

Set in a 157-hectare private nature reserve, guests are embraced by fields of lavender, almond and carob trees, and the allure of Mallorcan history. Each space within the property— from its central restaurant to the private pool suites— is a testament to authentic Mediterranean opulence, with sustainability at its core.