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Consolation Apartment: Play Arquitetura’s Take on Modern Living

Modern living room with sofa, bookshelf, and kitchenette.

Discover Consolation Apartment, a compact living space designed by Play Arquitetura in São Paulo, Brazil. This 2021 project expertly integrates various areas of the 52m² (560ft²) apartment, employing an innovative corrugated glass partition for subtle space division. The design maximizes functionality with unique carpentry solutions, balancing neutral finishes with vibrant furniture accents for a modern, cohesive look.

Casa Viga: Artful Blend of Structure & Style in Belo Horizonte

Modern home with large windows, overhanging roof, and pool.

Explore the architectural marvel of Casa Viga in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, masterfully redesigned by Play Arquitetura. Born from an existing concrete structure, this house seamlessly blends its intimate and social areas, optimizing its unique sloped location.

With north-facing gardens and south-facing views, Casa Viga exemplifies innovative design, turning constraints into creative triumphs. The property also features a thoughtfully renovated guest apartment, adding to its charm and functionality.

Casa EG’s Concrete Elegance: From Steep Slopes to Stunning Views

Casa EG’s Concrete Elegance: From Steep Slopes to Stunning Views

Casa EG, a stunning concrete house in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, mirrors a tale of evolution. Developed by Play Arquitetura in two distinctive phases, its design journey commenced in 2008 and saw a transformative refurbishment a decade later.

With captivating elements like multi-floor layouts, terrace views of the majestic mountains, and a seamless blend of vintage and contemporary interiors, this home is a testament to adaptive design.