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Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João: Colorful Child Healing Spaces

Vibrant yellow-toned interior with built-in shelving, circular window, and minimalist furniture.

Explore the Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João in Porto, designed by ARG Studio in 2022. This hospital project redefines pediatric healthcare with its engaging social spaces and compelling use of color and illustration. Designed to boost well-being and comfort, each area is tailored to provide young patients with a healing environment enhanced by artful design and interactive installations.

Casa Cedofeita: Blending Old and New in a Porto Apartment

Modern room with wooden cube structure, exposed beams, and stone wall.

Casa Cedofeita, designed by Paulo Moreira in 2017, is a renovated apartment situated in the bustling center of Porto, Portugal. This bourgeois building has been transformed into a five-bedroom home, seamlessly blending traditional restoration techniques with modern wooden structures.

The project stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of old and new, utilizing materials such as wood, marble, and granite to highlight its unique architectural features.

Casa IMLA: Innovative Design in Porto’s Bairro da Vilarinha

Modern two-story house with clean lines, large windows, and a small front yard

Discover Casa IMLA, a stunning house located in Porto, Portugal. Designed by Luppa Architects in 2023, this property seamlessly integrates traditional features with contemporary extensions, optimizing both light and privacy. Situated in the historic Bairro da Vilarinha, Casa IMLA exemplifies a unique blend of old and new, making it a noteworthy project in modern Portuguese architecture.

Casa Singer: How Light & Space Redefine This Porto Apartment

Bright, airy living space with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and a playful

Discover Casa Singer, a stunning apartment transformation by Atelier Sergio Rebelo, nestled in the heart of Porto, Portugal. This 2020 renovation breathes new life into a 1939 Art Deco building, blending historical architecture with modern design principles. The redesigned layout maximizes openness and flexibility, inviting an abundance of natural light and integrating original materials with new, contemporary elements.

House in Boavista: Concrete Elegance in Porto

FeaturedHouse in Boavista: Concrete Elegance in Porto

In Porto’s bustling streets, just off Avenida da Boavista, lies the House in Boavista. This concrete architectural wonder, designed by Topos Atelier de Arquitectura in 2022, combines privacy and openness in a striking balance.

The ground floor hosts vibrant social spaces, extending towards a lush garden. Featuring a hidden kitchen passage, double-height ceilings in the living room, and windows framing nature, this house is a testament to modern design and seamless indoor-outdoor living in Portugal.

GC House: Where Classic Porto Charm Meets Contemporary Design

GC House: Where Classic Porto Charm Meets Contemporary Design

In the historic heart of Porto, the GC House emerges as a fusion of preservation and modernity, meticulously crafted by FCC Arquitectura in 2019. Honoring the legacy of the original structure, the design deftly integrates old with new, employing exposed concrete and glass to create a harmonious dialogue with its urban surroundings.

This home is not just a living space but a statement of sophisticated renovation, enhancing the urban fabric and nurturing the tranquility of its verdant garden retreat, complete with a pool.

Patios of Petals: A Floral-Inspired Contemporary House

FeaturedPatios of Petals: A Floral-Inspired Contemporary House

Nestled in the heart of Porto, Portugal, a city renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture, stands the “Patios of Petals” – a two-story house that is a testament to contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier in 2023, this architectural marvel draws inspiration from the organic movement of flower petals, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modern living.

The house’s design is characterized by a large “U” glazing and an internal curved structural wall that, along with the staircase, forms the heart of the house. The upper floor, embraced by the petal-like structures, is accentuated by the use of three materials: white, aluminum, and glass. The lower floor, where the petals land, showcases a similar triad of materials: glass, aluminum, and wood. This careful selection of materials serves to highlight the main actor – the organicist white volume.