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Mlékárenská Apartment: Minimalist Design Meets Functionality

Minimalist open-concept kitchen and living area with sleek white cabinetry and modern furnishings.

Mlékárenská Apartment, a minimalist marvel designed by RDTH architekti in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, effortlessly blends function and aesthetics within a 74 m2 prefab concrete panel apartment.

This innovative project challenges the boundaries of traditional living, seamlessly accommodating three household members with privacy and shared spaces, all while embodying a captivating ascetic approach to modern design.

Pre-fab House by ON-A: Modular Timber Structure and BIM Application

Modern architectural design featuring floor-to-ceiling glass, sleek copper panels, and a swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery.

This striking pre-fab house, designed by Barcelona-based firm ON-A in 2016, offers a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and energy-efficient construction. Situated in the residential area of San Cugat, the project utilizes modular, prefabricated wooden structures and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to maximize views of the surrounding forest and golf course landscape.

Boasting a transparent, open-plan layout, the two-story home features a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces, including a pool and expansive terrace.

Black Diamond: Sydney’s Boutique Hotel-Style Home

Modern living room with plush sofas, wooden floors, and a staircase.

Discover Black Diamond, a three-story house in Sydney, Australia, artfully reimagined by YSG Studio. This 2023 renovation transforms a once-oppressive space into a tranquil, tactile haven, blending boutique hotel luxury with intimate, gem-hued living spaces. Experience the seamless flow from indoor to outdoor areas, now showcasing stunning Sydney Harbour views. Delight in the home’s unique design elements: from a kitchen island glittering like its namesake to cleverly placed lighting and materials that enhance the sensory experience.

Step inside this architectural masterpiece, where every detail echoes the tranquility and vibrancy of its coastal setting.

West Stockbridge House: A Modular Masterpiece

West Stockbridge House: A Modular Masterpiece

The West Stockbridge Residence in Massachusetts, USA, is a testament to modern, modular design by Robert Luntz of Resolution: 4 Architecture. Created in 2020 as a country retreat, this prefab house in the Berkshires reflects thoughtful planning for aging in place.

Its floor plan, a series of interconnected volumes, allows for privacy and connectivity, embracing the natural landscape with its courtyard deck and panoramic glazing. Inside, the home boasts an open kitchen and living space with stunning mountain views, a heated screened porch for extended outdoor living, and versatile guest suites. Each space, from the mudroom lined with white oak to the master suite with its expansive windows, showcases a harmonious blend of comfort and contemporary aesthetics.

Cornwall Cabin: A Modern Prefab Oasis

Cornwall Cabin: A Modern Prefab Oasis

The Cornwall Cabin in Cornwall, Connecticut, stands as a modern retreat crafted by architect Robert Luntz of Resolution: 4 Architecture. Designed in 2017 for a Manhattan mother and daughter, this prefabricated cabin combines low-maintenance living with elegance. Its south-facing, expansive windows and cedar brise-soleil harmonize light and landscape. The interior, featuring rustic cedar, custom walnut millwork, and porcelain tiles, adds warmth and durability.

This sustainable home perfectly blends indoor and outdoor living, epitomizing contemporary country life.

Villa GV: From Old to Bold in Varazze

Villa GV: From Old to Bold in Varazze

Villa GV, designed by Studio Dedalo Associati, is a modern architectural wonder located near Varazze’s new marina, Italy.

This project expands an existing building, adding an elevated structure and reorganizing the historic interior. The house spans two levels, with the ground floor featuring a living area, kitchenette, single bedroom, service bathroom, and an underground garage. The upper level houses a double bedroom and another bathroom. Materials like split stone, wooden flooring, natural greenery, and slate finishes ensure the property’s aesthetic harmony with the scenic Punta Aspera region.

Piil: Arsenit’s Modern Take on Estonian Treehouse Living

Piil: Arsenit’s Modern Take on Estonian Treehouse Living

Estonia, a nation revered for its untouched wilderness, welcomes Piil, a masterful creation by Arsenit. Towering at 9m tall (approximately 29.5 feet), this modern pre-fabricated treehouse offers a unique escape amidst the lush forest, combining innovative design with the serenity of nature.

Envisioned in 2023, the elevated structure serves as a vantage point to the expansive Estonian vistas, ensuring both seclusion and an immersive treetop experience.