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Trapezium House: Innovative Design Meets Cozy Interiors

A modern, sleek house with a wooden exterior, large windows, and a balcony overlooking lush greenery.

Discover Trapezium House in David Canabarro, RS, Brazil, a stunning 2022 design by Studio KUNZ. This house uniquely blends trapezoidal architecture with a view of idyllic landscapes. Its innovative design optimizes space on a single-storey layout, combining modernity with traditional country living. Inside, features like a wood stove and linen finishes provide warmth, while large windows frame breathtaking natural views, promising both comfort and style.

Smart Casual: Exploring Latvia’s Nature-Inspired Private House

FeaturedA modern black cabin nestled in a vibrant autumn garden, with glass walls and a rustic path.

Explore Smart Casual, a private house by Labs Dizains in Cēsis, Latvia, envisioned in 2023. This modern home seamlessly blends nature with innovative architecture and interior design. With three levels following the terrain’s contours and large windows inviting sunlight, the design emphasizes open spaces and natural materials. The heart of the house, a cozy fireplace, connects kitchen, living areas, and an outdoor hot tub, creating a perfect harmony between indoor comfort and the beauty of the Gauja valley.

Gray House: Poland’s Modern Architectural Marvel in Świerczyniec

FeaturedContemporary kitchen with high ceilings and industrial accents

Designed by RS+ Robert Skitek in 2021, the Gray House is a modern architectural gem located in Świerczyniec, Poland. This house showcases a monochromatic color scheme, an L-shaped layout for privacy, and smart orientation to maximize sunlight in the garden and terrace areas. The design seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a cohesive and tranquil living environment.