Trapezium House: Innovative Design Meets Cozy Interiors

Discover Trapezium House in David Canabarro, RS, Brazil, a stunning 2022 design by Studio KUNZ. This house uniquely blends trapezoidal architecture with a view of idyllic landscapes. Its innovative design optimizes space on a single-storey layout, combining modernity with traditional country living. Inside, features like a wood stove and linen finishes provide warmth, while large windows frame breathtaking natural views, promising both comfort and style.

A modern, sleek house with a wooden exterior, large windows, and a balcony overlooking lush greenery.

Discover Trapezium House, creatively manifested by Studio KUNZ in 2022 in David Canabarro, RS, Brazil. This architectural gem marries the rustic charm of the countryside with sharp, modern aesthetics, setting a landmark in residential design.

A modern, open-concept living space with minimalist furnishings, natural wood accents, and large windows.

Inspired by Nature and Geometry

The house occupies a unique trapezoidal plateau, where the fusion of natural landscape and geometric finesse comes to life. Studio KUNZ deconstructed the traditional gabled roof, creating a dynamic juxtaposition of two trapezoidal volumes, one of which stretches out to the site’s edge, defining the home’s striking silhouette.

Modern open-plan kitchen and living space with fireplace, dining area, and large windows.

Functional Elegance

The interior layout is cleverly split into two levels, with seamless transitions that enhance the sense of space. This design strategy not only maximizes the functional areas but also respects the site’s original topography. The living areas are fluid and expansive, highlighted by a rich palette of materials such as wood, linen, and burnt cement. These elements are complemented by minimalist white walls and ceilings, achieving a monolithic yet cozy interior atmosphere suitable for southern Brazil’s colder climate.

Modern living room with stone fireplace, TV, and cozy furnishings overlooking a scenic view.

Strategic Use of Materials and Light

Strategically placed wooden slats aid in balancing the visual weight of the facades while ensuring privacy and controlling sunlight. The slate stone accentuates the otherwise pristine volumes with its rugged texture, providing a stark, aesthetic contrast. Throughout the house, the use of inverted beams supports the continuous surface of the ceiling, maintaining the clean lines of the interior spaces.

A modern kitchen with a minimalist design, featuring pendant lighting, wood accents, and an island.

Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Large glass doors and windows open up to serene views of the surrounding forests and araucaria trees, connecting the indoors with the outdoors effortlessly. The integration of a wooden pergola on the west side serves as a sustainable feature supporting climbing plants, further blurring the lines between constructed and natural environments.

Sleek, contemporary kitchen with wooden cabinetry, pendant lighting, and a dining area with wood table and chairs.

The essence of Trapezium House lies in its ability to intertwine the simplicity and complexity of design, making a profound statement of contemporary rural living in Brazil.

Spacious bedroom with large sliding glass doors overlooking lush treetops.
A modern, minimalist house with sleek lines, warm wood accents, and a clean exterior.
Modern, minimalist home with glass facade, wooden accents, lush landscaping, and stone paving.

Photography courtesy of Studio KUNZ
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- by Matt Watts