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Clubhouse: Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Above Toronto

Spacious modern living room with panoramic windows overlooking lush greenery.

Clubhouse, designed by FrankFranco Architects in 2023, is a stunning house located in Toronto, Canada. This modern residence overlooking the National Golf Club of Canada features a unique architectural style that sets it apart in its community. With a site-specific design, the house incorporates strong privacy features and a connection to the natural surroundings, ensuring a living space that is both opulent and comfortable.

Perpetua House: Indoor Garden Integration in Brazil’s 1950s Home

Lush rooftop garden with sleek modern structure, surrounded by city skyline.

Discover the transformed Perpetua House in São Paulo, Brazil, a project by Arkitito Arquitetura completed in 2021. This renovated 1950s house now exemplifies modern indoor-outdoor living, integrating extensive garden areas and natural light into a formerly fragmented space. The design smartly incorporates local Goiás stone and preserved architectural elements, blending modern conveniences with the home’s original charm.

House of Grid: Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Seamlessly

Modern single-story house with large windows and flat roof on a green lawn.

Discover the elegance of House of Grid, designed by BEEF architekti in Trnava, Slovakia. This groundbreaking house, completed in 2021, redefines the modern residential landscape with its innovative use of space, light, and material. Emphasizing a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor environments, it showcases a unique spatial framework and a striking integration of nature with architectural design.