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Retreat: Exploring a Nature-Forward Home in Ontario

Spacious living area with large windows, fireplace, and minimalist furniture.

Reflect Architecture unveils Retreat, a nature-centric house nestled in Caledon, Canada. Designed in 2023, this 1,600 sq ft (149 sq m) residence harmoniously integrates into a 1.5-acre (0.61-hectare) forested terrain. The design facilitates sustainable living with a focus on solar efficiency and ingress to natural settings. Retreat embodies a modern architectural strategy with its unique C-shaped layout, enhancing both privacy and panoramic views, while efficiently connecting its occupants with the surrounding landscape.

North Drive House: Reflect Architecture’s Playful Sophistication

A modern kitchen with a glass-paneled ceiling framing vibrant fall foliage outside.

Explore the North Drive House in Toronto, Canada, a recently renovated single-family home redesigned by Reflect Architecture in 2023. The house spans 5,600 sq ft (520 sq m) and sits on a spacious 2-acre property. This design masterpiece seamlessly balances the sophisticated display of an extensive contemporary art collection with the lively dynamics of family living, embodying a style that Reflect Architecture calls “playful sophistication.”

Walker House: A Unique Approach to Family Living

Modern room with a blue slide, staircase, and person sliding down.

Unveiling the Walker home in Toronto, Canada, a contemporary gem crafted by Reflect Architecture. This home transforms a traditional duplex into an innovative living space for a family of five, balancing Toronto’s high living expenses with smart design. It harmoniously combines public and private zones, incorporates playful features like a slide, and ensures ample natural light. Purposefully designed, from the south-facing windows to the private workspaces, it’s a sanctuary that nurtures community ties and personal tranquility.