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Fire Country Lookout: Sustainable Family Retreat in Healdsburg

FeaturedContemporary open-plan living area with exposed wood beams, large windows, and outdoor dining.

Situated in the heart of Healdsburg, California, the Fire Country Lookout by Studio VARA showcases a groundbreaking design that blends sustainable living with resilient development. This multi-generational family retreat, nestled on an oak-studded hilltop, offers a prototype for the “post-climate-change” West, featuring a single 180′ long extrusion carefully positioned along the east-west axis to maximize stunning views of Mount St. Helena and the setting sun.

Lowcountry High Performance: Designing for Coastal Living

A two-story wooden home with a wide porch and large trees in a lush, tropical setting.

Beaufort County, South Carolina, is the setting for this stunning Lowcountry home, designed by the acclaimed Frederick + Frederick Architects in 2022. Boasting a resilient and energy-efficient design, this luxurious house is the perfect retreat for enjoying the region’s natural beauty, from sailing and fishing to golf. With a focus on maximizing views, natural light, and sustainable features, this home exemplifies the intersection of style and high performance.