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NQSH Villa: Exploring Modern Luxury in Riyadh’s Housing

Striking modern architecture featuring stone walls, arched entryway, and palm trees.

Discover NQSH Villa, a pinnacle of luxury housing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, designed by Alwathaaeq Consulting Engineers in 2023. This prestigious development features 28 meticulously crafted villas, each espousing modern elegance intertwined with traditional architectural motifs. Ideal for discerning homeowners, these villas offer privacy, comfort, and a touch of sophistication that caters to a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle.

Diqqa Villa by BM Architects

Diqqa Villa by BM Architects

Diqqa Villa, a modernist house located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was designed by BM Architects.

Built on three levels, the villa features a statement staircase and courtyards that link the different levels, a semi-public area on the ground floor, and private areas on the upper floors. Its inner courtyard acts as a visual focal point, while its wooden lamella finishing, marbled floorings, and elegant furniture blend together to create a harmonious and intimate relationship between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Riyadh is well-known for its luxury real estate and Diqqa Villa is no exception, with its use of local elements and natural ventilation it is sure to impress.