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Ave Duchastel Residence Mid-Century: A 1950s House Transformed

FeaturedTwo-story modern wooden house with large glass windows, outdoor dining area, and lush landscaping.

Discover the Ave Duchastel Residence Mid-Century, designed by Salem Architecture in 2023 and located in Outremont, Montreal, Canada. This house embodies a remarkable transformation of a 1950s architecture, blending mid-century design with modern Scandinavian and Japanese influences. The property boasts expansive living spaces and a profound connection to the surrounding natural environment, making it a serene urban retreat.

Pine Residence: Modern Expansion in Saint-Lambert

Modern kitchen with wooden table, chairs, and exposed ceiling beams.

Explore Salem Architecture‘s latest creation, the Pine Residence, in the quaint Saint-Lambert, Quebec. This innovative project elevates a classic ‘King-Cottage’ style home into a modern haven, harmonizing interior and exterior living.

Emphasizing natural lighting, seamless transitions, and a family-friendly design, it sets a new standard for comfortable, stylish living. Highlights include an extended wooden structure for outdoor enjoyment, sophisticated material choices like white oak, and a unique three-sided fireplace, all thoughtfully integrated to enhance the family’s lifestyle.

Maison Ave Courcelette: A Timeless Beauty in Montreal

Maison Ave Courcelette: A Timeless Beauty in Montreal

Experience the seamless fusion of traditional charm and modern elegance at Maison Ave Courcelette, a stunning stone house nestled in Montreal’s historic Outremont borough.

Designed by Salem Architecture, this timeless residence weaves together elements from its original 1947 construction with contemporary enhancements, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the property’s exquisite design, where natural light and lush landscaping harmoniously blend with the home’s rich architectural heritage.