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SATSE: Alberto Lera’s Vision of Modern Workspace Elegance

Minimalist, modern workspace with sleek wooden accents, potted plant, and stylish black chair.

Satse in San Sebastian, Spain, designed by Alberto Lera in 2024, is a beacon of innovative office design. This office space uniquely blends modern aesthetics with ultimate functionality, capturing the essence of a progressive, vibrant work environment. Representing a modern design ethos, the office draws upon minimalistic elements and elegant forms to foster productivity and inspiration among its occupants.

J&J: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Design

J&J: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Design

Project J&J by Arquimaña blends historical charm with contemporary flair in San Sebastian, Spain. This family home, designed in 2023, respects its roots through original elements like wooden structures and brick walls, while embracing a modern narrative. Light, shape, and color converge to create a seamless, inviting space. Dominated by ceramic and wood, the house offers a warm, playful ambiance, reflecting a unique mix of tradition and innovation.