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Casa Vespucci: A Glimpse into Subconscio Studio’s Pescara Apartment

Cozy living room with beige sofa, shelving unit, and tropical plant accents.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Pescara, Italy, Casa Vespucci is a stunning apartment design that showcases the talents of Subconscio Studio. Completed in 2023, this contemporary living space seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the rich cultural heritage of its Italian setting. Boasting a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, the apartment offers a serene and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a luxurious and functional living experience.

Casa ME: Flexible, Functional Apartment Design in Rome

Minimalist kitchen with red dining table, bookshelf wall, exposed wooden beams, and hardwood floors.

Designed by renowned architect Antonio Alberto Tomao, Casa ME is a stunning apartment renovation in the heart of Rome, Italy, completed in 2023. This 60-square-meter residence was thoughtfully crafted to meet the needs of a young designer and psychologist couple, seamlessly blending functional living spaces with a flexible study area for receiving clients.

The new layout, achieved through strategic demolitions and preservations of original architectural elements, showcases a harmonious balance between private and shared zones, creating a comfortable and versatile living environment for the family of four.

Villa Prior: Stunning Private House with Central Courtyard

A modern, single-story cabin with large windows and a wooden exterior, surrounded by lush greenery.

DinellJohansson‘s Villa Prior in Ljunghusen, Sweden, is a stunning private house that features a central courtyard design. Completed in 2023, this contemporary residence showcases the architects’ expertise in creating a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Situated in the tranquil Swedish town of Ljunghusen, this house exemplifies the country’s renowned design sensibilities, offering a serene and sophisticated living experience.