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Mountain Forest: Blending Nature and Minimalist Design in Taiwan

Minimalist living room with a large TV, wooden media console, and sleek audio system.

Designed by 1001 Giving Living in 2024, the Mountain Forest house in New Taipei, Taiwan showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural elements. Featuring extensive spatial expansion, solid lines, and a seamless integration of interior and exterior, this residential project exemplifies the designer’s expertise in creating functional yet visually captivating living spaces.

Mando Space: Reimagining 1970s Italian Apartment Design

Bright, modern living room with built-in bookshelves, gray sofa, and colorful accents.

Designed by the renowned R3architetti in Turin, Italy, the Mando Space apartment showcases a captivating contemporary transformation of a 1970s dwelling. This fluid, light-filled space defies the traditional compartmentalized layout, embracing an open and dynamic design approach that seamlessly integrates the entry, living, and dining areas. With unexpected color accents and a multifunctional built-in furnishing, this apartment project offers a fresh take on modern urban living.

Flower House: Transforming a Family Home with Innovative Architecture

FeaturedModern white building with large windows and a palm tree in the foreground.

Located in the vibrant heart of San Francisco, the Flower House by Craig Steely Architecture is a captivating residential project that seamlessly blends the building’s historic charm with a contemporary design approach.

This single-family house, originally a converted neighborhood corner store, showcases the architect’s commitment to adaptive reuse, celebrating the structure’s past while optimizing it for modern living. The open-plan interior is defined by a striking, freestanding flower-shaped tower, creating distinct spaces both inside and out. Curated furnishings and art by Studio Ahead further enhance the home’s refined aesthetic, resulting in a harmonious and innovative living environment.

KAN36: Contemporary Berlin Apartment by Sunostudio

A cozy and well-designed living room with modern furniture, artwork, and natural lighting.

KAN36, a stunning apartment designed by Sunostudio in Berlin, Germany, showcases the epitome of modern, minimalist living. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 2024 masterpiece blends clean lines, natural materials, and exceptional functionality, creating a serene and sophisticated living experience. Exploring the intersection of architecture and interior design, this project exemplifies the brand’s commitment to innovative and thoughtful design solutions.

1930s Apartment: Reviving Historic Charm in Prague

Minimalist room with green metal shelving unit and round mirror, parquet flooring.

Designed by the talented team at Studio COSMO, this comprehensive renovation of a 1930s apartment in Prague, Czech Republic, showcases a remarkable blend of historic charm and modern elegance.

Stripping the floor plan to its load-bearing walls, the designers crafted a spacious hallway that serves as a central link within the apartment, leading to a striking green vestibule and a generously designed library. By merging the original narrow street-facing rooms, the team created an expansive living area where a bespoke solid oak table serves as a focal point, complementing the oak floors and seamlessly integrated white kitchen.

Fusco House: Elegant Apartment Oasis in Rome’s Northwest

FeaturedModern open-plan living space with sleek black lighting fixture, green sofa, wood floors, and TV.

Arabella Rocca‘s Fusco House apartment in Rome, Italy showcases a contemporary and minimalist design aesthetic within a 175 sq m indoor and 59 sq m outdoor space. Featuring geometric lines, contrasting colors, and carefully selected materials like sandblasted parquet flooring and striped crema d’Orcia in the master bathroom, this fourth and fifth-floor apartment in an elegant residential complex blends harmonious spaces with a focus on functionality and visual appeal.

Penthouse on the Carmel: Discover the Vibrant Interior Design in Haifa

FeaturedMinimalist dining area with sleek black furniture, illuminated by pendant lights and surrounded by wooden cabinetry.

Elevating the Modern Luxury Lifestyle: Unveiling the Stunning Penthouse on the Carmel by SaaB Architects. Situated in the vibrant city of Haifa, Israel, this exceptional apartment showcases the pinnacle of contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary team at SaaB Architects, this 2024 masterpiece redefines the boundaries of luxury living, seamlessly blending sleek architectural elements with a refined aesthetic.

Tetinska: Innovative House Design by SMLXL in Prague

Sleek, modern living room with dark accent walls, built-in shelves, and large windows.

Klára Valová of SMLXL, a renowned architectural practice in Prague, Czech Republic, has unveiled her latest residential masterpiece, the Tetinska House. Designed in 2023, this stunning abode seamlessly blends modern design with the city’s rich architectural heritage. Featuring a clean, minimalist aesthetic and a focus on natural materials, the Tetinska House offers a serene and sophisticated living experience for its inhabitants.

With its strategic location and impeccable attention to detail, this project exemplifies the cutting-edge design sensibilities that have made SMLXL a celebrated name in the industry.