Flower House: Transforming a Family Home with Innovative Architecture

Located in the vibrant heart of San Francisco, the Flower House by Craig Steely Architecture is a captivating residential project that seamlessly blends the building’s historic charm with a contemporary design approach.

This single-family house, originally a converted neighborhood corner store, showcases the architect’s commitment to adaptive reuse, celebrating the structure’s past while optimizing it for modern living. The open-plan interior is defined by a striking, freestanding flower-shaped tower, creating distinct spaces both inside and out. Curated furnishings and art by Studio Ahead further enhance the home’s refined aesthetic, resulting in a harmonious and innovative living environment.

Modern white building with large windows and a palm tree in the foreground.
Striking modern architecture with circular glass window, covered patio, and lush greenery.
Airy, minimalist living room with large window, circular mirror, and modern furniture.
Striking architectural features: curved wood panels, stairs, and ample natural light.
Bright, modern kitchen with curved wooden walls and yellow cabinet details.
Bright, modern dining area with cloud-like lighting fixture, floor-to-ceiling windows, and lush greenery.
A modern kitchen with vibrant yellow cabinetry, curved wooden panels, and a sleek staircase.
A modern, open-concept living space with curved wooden accents and natural lighting.
Modern, minimal interior with large windows overlooking cityscape and palm tree.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a large rain shower, pedestal sink, and shag rug.
Modern bathroom with sleek vanity and large window overlooking city skyline.
Contemporary architectural design featuring sleek, angular lines, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic city views.
A modern, sleek white building with an arched window and lush landscaping.
This modern, angular building features large windows and a distinctive silhouette against the palm trees.

About Flower House

In the heart of San Francisco, a remarkable transformation has taken place with the Flower House. Designed by Craig Steely Architecture in 2024, this project exemplifies the harmonious blending of past and present, where a former corner store has been meticulously reimagined into a modern, family-friendly abode.

Embracing the Existing: Exterior Charm

The exterior of the Flower House retains the charming character of the original structure, with its clean, white facade and distinctive architectural elements. The striking circular window and sculptural, flower-shaped tower add a touch of whimsy, seamlessly integrating the structure into the surrounding neighborhood.

Harmonious Open-Plan Living

Step inside, and the open-plan layout of the Flower House immediately captivates. The free-standing flower-shaped tower serves as a central design element, delineating the various living spaces without compromising the airy, cohesive feel of the home. Thoughtful furniture and art selection by Studio Ahead complement the minimalist, yet inviting, aesthetic.

Vibrant Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen boasts a striking, vibrant yellow palette, with sleek cabinetry and a seamless flow into the dining area. Large windows and sliding glass doors flood the space with natural light, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere for meal preparation and gathering.

Serene Bathroom Oasis

The bathroom exudes a serene and spa-like ambiance, with its clean, white tiles and striking circular mirror. The plush, yellow shag rug adds a touch of warmth and texture, while the glass-enclosed shower provides a luxurious experience.

Cozy and Versatile Living Spaces

Throughout the Flower House, the design effortlessly blends form and function. Cozy seating areas, a minimalist desk setup, and a variety of art and decor elements create a welcoming and versatile living environment, catering to the needs of the family.

Harmonizing Past and Present

The Flower House is a remarkable example of architectural adaptation, where the team at Craig Steely Architecture has seamlessly woven the building’s history into a modern, family-oriented design. By embracing the existing structure and infusing it with a fresh, vibrant aesthetic, the project celebrates the past while providing a functional and visually captivating living space for the future.

Photography by Darren Bradley
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- by Matt Watts