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Feng Shui: Inside Melbourne’s Energy-Optimized House Design

Curvaceous white walls, hardwood floors, and geometric pendant lights create a modern interior.

Welcome to Feng Shui, a harmoniously designed house by Steffen Welsch Architects, completed in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. This project embodies ancient Chinese principles, harmonizing natural elements to optimize energy flow. The design seamlessly integrates sunlight access, air, and organic materials, promoting a balanced, comfortable living environment. Discover how Feng Shui influences modern residential architecture, making every space in this house a testament to thoughtful and sustainable design.

Life Cycle: Inside Coburg’s Eco-Friendly House Conversion

Spacious, sun-filled open-concept interior with wood beams, slate floors, and built-in cabinetry.

Discover “Life Cycle,” a visionary house extension in Coburg, Australia, meticulously crafted by Steffen Welsch Architects in 2023. This design transcends traditional architecture, integrating a passive solar design with dynamic living spaces. Each area of the home, from the winter garden to the netted void for thermal regulation, is tailored to enhance thermal comfort, light, and acoustics, reflecting a commitment to both aesthetic elegance and environmental sensitivity.