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Antonio Acuña Apartment: Transforming Madrid Home with Natural Materials

Cozy living room with a plush sectional sofa, decorative floor lamps, and a modern armchair.

Designed by the acclaimed StudioMadera, this 2022 apartment renovation in Madrid, Spain, demonstrates a refined and soothing aesthetic. The Antonio Acuña Apartment seamlessly integrates the owner’s classic furnishings with a contemporary, pared-back design, showcasing natural materials like oak wood and terrazzo stone. By relocating the kitchen to the heart of the home and creating a custom bookcase to connect the living and dining spaces, the design team crafted a light-filled, serene living environment.

Quesada Apartment: StudioMadera’s Approach to Textured, Warm Interiors

Bright, open-concept living space with wooden dining table, neutral furniture, and large windows.

Discover the Quesada Apartment in Madrid, Spain, a testament to StudioMadera‘s 2023 innovate approach, transforming a once compartmentalized space into a haven of light and texture. This apartment, through strategic design and material selection, invites warmth and natural light, creating an open, cohesive living experience that prioritizes comfort and style.