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Penthouse Brasilia: A Contemporary Masterpiece in Mexico

FeaturedPenthouse Brasilia: A Contemporary Masterpiece in Mexico

Introducing Penthouse Brasilia, a contemporary home nestled within one of Mexico City’s most exclusive residential compounds. This masterpiece, designed by Taller David Dana in 2022, showcases a timeless aesthetic that exudes character and identity.

Harnessing natural light, this design spotlights the interplay between luxurious materials like marble and natural wood, and the warmth of select fabrics and leathers. Unique features such as intricately crafted woodwork, immersive lighting, and an exquisite painting by Juan Carlos Manjarrez, amplify the allure of this exclusive penthouse.

Experience an elevated sense of living amidst spacious, interconnected spaces and fine architectural elements in this breathtaking Mexico City penthouse.