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109LAY: A Bioclimatic House in Spain

Urban courtyard with garden and contemporary home exterior.

Experience 109LAY, a modern masterpiece in Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain, envisioned by Vallribera Arquitectes. Born from a family’s desire for a nature-inspired retreat during the pandemic, this two-story house blends traditional charm with bioclimatic innovation. Nestled on a street with a small-town feel, 109LAY offers a private, serene setting. Its design features exposed beams and rustic tiles, capturing the essence of summer vacations in a cozy, efficient urban home.

This architectural jewel in Cornellà reflects a perfect balance of nostalgic warmth and modern living.

59RUT by Vallribera Arquitectes

59RUT by Vallribera Arquitectes

59RUT is a row house located in Terrassa, Spain, designed by Vallribera Arquitectes in 2014. This modern home stands out with its narrow design style and its eco-friendly construction solutions.

59RUT offers a unique combination of energy efficiency and comfortable living. The house has a simple distribution in plan, with day use areas on the ground floor, night areas on the second floor, and a multi-purpose room on the third floor.

Terrassa is known for its industrial history and cultural heritage, making it an ideal place to enjoy the best of both worlds.

108ERA by Vallribera Arquitectes

108ERA by Vallribera Arquitectes

108ERA is a stunning stone farmhouse located in Granera, Spain. Designed by Vallribera Arquitectes in 2022, this traditional real estate offers the perfect blend of old and new.

With its back to the street and half underground, the house is surrounded by woodlands and a garden that hides beneath a large oak tree. Inside, the building maintains its structure of loadbearing walls, preserving the existing distribution of bedrooms and creating large openings on the south façade to blur the boundaries between the inside and outside. The walls are restored using local stone, and the roof collects rainwater for irrigation of the garden.