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Casa Fernandēz: A Serene Oasis Blending Tradition and Modernity

A stately stone archway framing a stunning ocean view, surrounded by lush desert landscaping.

Discover Casa Fernandēz by Velz: Architetti, a house designed in 2022 located in Torre San Giovanni, Italy. This unique property combines rural appeal with contemporary ease, offering a fresh and simple lifestyle. Set amidst an olive grove extending over two hectares, it offers stunning Ionian Sea views. Velz: Architetti masterfully blends local Salentine architecture with modern interior design, creating a serene and intimate retreat.

Casa Shirocco: A Look Inside Ruffano’s Cozy Townhouse

Elegant modern kitchen and dining area with arched stone walls and contemporary furnishings.

Wrapped in the historical ambiance of Ruffano, Italy, Casa Shirocco, designed by Velz: Architetti, is a manifestation of serene living and simplistic elegance. This house embodies a blend of ancient charm and modern design principles. Velz: Architetti‘s intervention breathes new life into this traditional townhouse, making it a haven of light, space, and tranquility, while maintaining its historical essence.

Casa Mquadro: Italian Elegance Reimagined by Velz: Architetti

Casa Mquadro: Italian Elegance Reimagined by Velz: Architetti

Embark on a journey through Casa Mquadro, where traditional Salento architecture meets innovative design. In Casarano, Italy, a town celebrated for its cultural heritage, Velz: Architetti has transformed a classic home into a beacon of contemporary living.

This 2023 redesign breathes new life into classic spaces, integrating an open-plan living area with natural light enhancements and local materials. Delve into an abode where bold colors, reflective surfaces, and strategic use of space redefine modern elegance in a historic setting.