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Convent of the Sacred Heart Library: Restoring Historic Charm

Ornate wood-paneled library with modern furnishings and bookshelves covering the walls.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart Library in New York City has undergone a stunning refurbishment by 1100 Architect, blending modern design elements with the historic character of the early 20th-century landmarked building.

This library, part of an all-girls K-12 school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, now features a welcoming environment with the strategic use of color, texture, and pattern. Modular furniture allows for versatile group and individual study settings, while naturally lit nooks provide spaces for focused learning. The project is part of an ongoing collaboration between 1100 Architect and Convent of the Sacred Heart, which also includes the recent design of a new Future Lab and Makerspace.

Ursa: Fusing Fuchsia and Orange in Toruń Gynecology Clinic

Vibrant orange hallway with geometric lighting fixtures and a stylized wall map.

Maka Studio‘s Ursa project in Toruń, Poland, is a captivating example of modern gynecology clinic design. This 2024 project features a bold color palette of fuchsia and orange, softened by light blue and gray, creating a visually striking and calming atmosphere.

The design pays homage to the history of Toruń, with circles, orbits, and geometrized star maps adorning the space. The clinic’s representative areas, including the waiting room, reception, bathrooms, and offices, showcase a harmonious blend of strong colors and white furnishings, exuding a sense of order and systematicity.

Sarnico House: A Modern Twist on Eclectic Lakeside Living

Inviting open-concept living space with modern wooden stairs, vibrant colors, and a chandelier.

Discover the reimagined Sarnico House, a period villa designed by Lupettatelier in 2023, nestled in Sarnico, Italy. This early 20th-century home, sitting quietly by Iseo Lake, showcases a refreshing blend of eclectic design and vibrant colors, influenced by the lake’s saturated hues. The renovation emphasizes a harmonious balance between the villa’s historical charm and modern flair, featuring a two-level layout with the living area downstairs and an intimate sleeping area upstairs. Perfect for those enchanted by where past meets present.