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House on Track: Transforming a 19th Century Apartment in Rome

Vibrant open-concept space with exposed brick ceiling, modern kitchen, and eclectic decor.

In the vibrant heart of Rome’s Esquilino district, a 95 m2 apartment on the second floor of a late 19th-century building has undergone a transformative design by Studio Tamat. Aptly named “House on Track,” this project was a 360-degree design exercise, as the architects, Matteo Soddu and Sergio Marras, were also the clients.

Blending the domestic dimension with captivating architecture, this apartment showcases a stunning interplay of neutral tones, vintage furnishings, and bold color accents, creating a harmonious living space that seamlessly integrates with the eclectic character of its vibrant Roman neighborhood.

The House of Strangers: Vintage-Inspired Family Retreat

Rustic-chic living space with exposed beams and a sleek staircase.

Experience a unique vacation home renovation at The House of Strangers, located in Rosà, Italy. Designed by Dario Scanavacca, this charming property boasts vintage-inspired interiors with pastel walls and wooden floors, offering a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.

Built for a family residing abroad, this three-level house features a cozy entertainment area on the ground floor, a spacious living area on the first floor, and a relaxing sleeping area on the top floor. Explore the seamless integration of vintage furniture, pastel wallpapers, and exposed wooden ceilings that reflect the owners’ style preferences.

Dito Italiano: Studio Shoo’s Italian Trattoria

Dito Italiano: Studio Shoo’s Italian Trattoria

Step into the vibrant world of Dito Italiano, a cozy trattoria nestled in the heart of Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by the renowned Studio Shoo, this restaurant is a testament to the Italian way of life, where food, emotions, and gestures intertwine to create a unique dining experience.

From the moment you enter, you’re greeted by a small market space brimming with authentic Italian products, including a wide selection of cheese prepared by the Dito team. The restaurant’s design is a nod to traditional Italian aesthetics, with a modern twist that’s as inviting as it is intriguing.