Herzelya Green House by Sharon Neuman Architects

This amazing modern green house is located in Herzelya, Israel. It was designed by Sharon Neuman Architects. Enjoy the gallery!

Project description

The Herzelya house is located on a long and narrow plot and does therefore present a difficult design task. One of the problems, for example, is that the adjacent house in the west blocks light and airflow. The solution consists of a series of protruding segments breaking out of the contour in the east to generate south and north light and air access. The eastern wall is left with only a few openings.

The house is planned with energy efficiency as one of the leading goals. A number of design details are utilised, among them: efficient insulating materials, southern walls have extra thickness, Adobe blocks i n s e r ted in s e l e c ted places for extra thermal mass; Also, rainwater and dew are collected and stored, water recycled where possible, and solar water heater is installed as well as a composting device.

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- by Matt Watts