Santa Monica Canyon Residence by Griffin Enright Architects

This luxurious modern property by Griffin Enright Architects is located in Santa Monica, California.

Description by Griffin Enright Architects

This residence is nestled into a down-sloping hillside property in little Santa Monica Canyon. A path descends into and impromptu, landscaped amphitheater along a path that bends, providing enhanced perspective views. A long skylight picks up the geometry of the path as it winds through the living space illuminating the livings spaces with indirect light. Although the residence contains open loft like spaces, distinction among the internal areas of kitchen, living and dining is enhanced through the geometry of the meandering skylight, which also visually connects the front and back door of the house. The high ceiling is shaped as the skylight moves through the house providing visual connections linking the two new courtyards created by the residence.

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- by Matt Watts

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