Private Oasis by Dinesen Dinesen

This apartment for a jazz enthusiast is situated on the 1st floor overlooking the area of Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. The exceptional wooden floors were provided by Dinesen Dinesen.

Description by Dinesen Dinesen

The apartment is situated on the 1st floor overlooking the area of Christianshavn. The owner fell in love with Dinesen HeartOak and had no doubt that this was the floor he wanted for his apartment. The extraordinary planks add atmosphere and character to the rooms, and combined with a few hand selected designer pieces, they give the apartment a personal and welcoming touch.

Dinesen HeartOak is a new and very exclusive wooden floor. The solid oak planks of extraordinary dimensions are up to 50 centimetres wide, 6 metres long and 30 millimetres thick.

The exceptionally wide oak planks come from the heart of the tree. Dinesen carefully processes the wood, preserving the natural cracks that result from nature’s influence over several hundred years. The cracks are locked by dovetail joints of oak, a particularly beautiful detail. In combination with the knots, this creates a completely unique, exclusive and powerful look. A wooden floor made of Dinesen HeartOak contains everything the heart desires in terms of vitality and strength and set the mood in the room.

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- by Matt Watts