Fabulous yet Functional Home Renovation by Kimberly Grigg

A Suite of Daughters’ Rooms Designed by Kimberly Grigg Creates a Striking Home Renovation, Featuring Personalized Style in Every Corner.

Leak - Daughter Bunk Room
Leak - Daughter Sleigh Bed Room
Leak - Daughter Yellow Room
Leak - Daughter Green Room
Leak - Kitchen 1
Leak - Kitchen 3
Leak - Family Room
Leak - Play Room 1
Leak - Mud Room

Description by Kimberly Grigg

For the Leak family, the needs of their four daughters and daily household functions were the main priorities when they decided to carry out a full-home renovation. They turned to Kimberly Grigg, CEO and principal designer of Knotting Hill Interiors, to design a fabulous yet functional home that reflected the desires of each daughter throughout the entire house. The bedrooms for the four girls were designed to reflect their ages and interests. From one daughter’s bedroom featuring a bunk bed with a canopy valence and plush seating area for weekend slumber parties; to a another daughter’s room with a sophisticated look accented by hues of purple and green; to a color-inspired room for a young daughter with nooks to display special keepsakes and favorite toys; as well as a cozy princess-style room with a luxurious bed, frilly custom fabrics, and palette of soft pinks and greens, each of the four girls gained a place to call her own.

Kimberly interviewed the daughters not only to learn their design tastes for their individual bedrooms, but also for the special roles they hold in household activities to function as a family. She incorporated a personalized foot-pedal sink for one daughter who likes to help in the kitchen; a cozy sectional sofa in the living room for family movie nights; and a special reading nook and game table in a shared playroom. Even the daughters’ new puppy, Lola, now has her own special hydrating massage sink for simple and easy baths.

The Leak’s newly renovated house is well thought and planned, and the design style of each person in the family shines through in every room. As a result, designer Kimberly Grigg used her fiercely glamorous approach – and a mix of unified patterns, custom furnishings and warm home accents – to create a series of girl’s rooms that serve as the backdrop for a large and fun-filled family life.

- by Matt Watts