Funky Graffiti Furniture by Dudeman

Scientists say: Graffiti have been around for 42,000 years. From the scribbles in Neanderthal cave in Spain, through the Roman Empire to the modern world of art, this now-accepted form of street art allows artist to let their creativity and imagination roam freely. However, graffiti has been stigmatised as only street phenomenon (if not a form of vandalism) for many years. Until recently…

In this post you will see how graffiti techniques and odd shapes can mix up and turn into edgy home decoration.

Toronto-based artist Nicholas Sinclair (aka Dudeman) turns street art into fascinating home décor. For his latest project he used ordinary pieces of furniture only to reinvent them as funky graffiti masterpieces. With an eye for detail and stunning colour coordination skills, Dudeman makes vintage cupboards, plain dressers and old armoirs dazzling focal points in a room.

Home owners with a taste for funky design and unusual colour and shape combination are bound to fall in love with the mesmerising work of the artist. Fans of urban home design and funky accessories find the graffiti furniture “refreshing” while soon-to-leave-home happy-go-lucky college students see it as a form of self-expression.

There are no two pieces alike. Each cupboard shines with a light of its own and communicates a different feeling, a sense of individuality. That’s why Dudeman’s graffiti furniture collection intrigues many.

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- by Matt Watts