San Francisco Presidio Residence by Adeeni Design Group

Claudia Juestel and her team at Adeeni Design Group collaborated with Sutro Architects to enlarge and transform this Edwardian house in San Francisco’s Presidio neighborhood into a sustainable home.

5th Avenue ET
5th Avenue LR1
5th Avenue LR2
5th Avenue FR1
5th Avenue FR2
5th Avenue FR3
5th Avenue KI1
5th Avenue KI2
5th Avenue KI3
5th Avenue KI4
5th Avenue DR
5th Avenue PO
5th Avenue BR1
5th Avenue BR2
5th Avenue BA1
5th Avenue BA1
5th Avenue BA2
5th Avenue MR

Photography by David Duncan Livingston

Description by Adeeni Design Group

Adeeni Design Group worked with Sutro Architects on this sustainable design, for which the team was awarded the “Build It Green Award”.  The Edwardian house is the home of a young family who moved from Seattle to San Francisco into a neighborhood behind the fog belt, and they were yearning for color.  We  added fresh and bright colors to all the rooms,  playing with the contrast and the balance between warm and cool while prominently displaying wife’s favorite color orange throughout.  The clients also wanted to keep the architecture traditional, but have the furnishings more transitional comprised of an eclectic mix of vintage and custom pieces with an artistic bend.

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- by Matt Watts