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Chloe Hestelow of Chloe & Ess Interiors recently redesigned an apartment situated in Leighton Beach, Perth, Australia.

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Description by Chloe & Ess Interiors

Apartment style living isn’t all about compromising on space, local Fremantle interior designer Chloe Hestelow, owner of Chloe & Ess interiors, is shaping the way people look at apartment living.

Through her eclectic designs, she is proving that living spaces are all about maximising the space to suit your lifestyle.

With the coastal revitalisation of Perth’s Western suburbs, the trend to downsize to apartment style living is on the rise. One of the biggest problems presented when downsizing to apartment style living is the idea of compromising on space.

Designer, Chloe Hestelow said one of the biggest misconceptions when working with smaller areas is the idea that you will need to compromise on your living space.

“Maximising the space and reflecting the external landscapes is significant when planning the interior of an apartment,” she said.

Having just completed the interior design for one of the luxury Leighton beach apartments, Chloe drew inspiration from the peripheral landscapes, capturing the natural and organic hues of the coastal setting.

The owners of this Leighton beach apartment engaged Chloe to transform their family apartment into a spacious, comfortable and durable space, while also maximising the beautiful landscapes of the coastline.

Starting with an initial concept for the space, focusing on the colour scheme, furniture selection and placement and then completing the look with soft furnishings.

Chloe said, when shaping the design for this apartment she wanted to make the most of the extraordinary view, reflecting the seaside location to bring the outside in.

“I really wanted to maximise the location and natural lighting in each room, which in turn was a key to maximising the space,” she said.

The brief was to use the existing vibrant artwork, while maximising the feeling of space in the apartment, creating a coastal chic living space that was also comfortable and durable for a family.

The Leighton beach apartment owners said when they walk into their apartment, they feel like they’re at home.

“Chloe utilised the space so well when furnishing our new home. The feeling of being in our new apartment is hard to beat,” said the owner of the Leighton beach apartment.

Chloe is influencing and shaping the downsizing trend along Perth’s coastal revitalisation, creating apartment living that feels spacious, while complimenting the external landscapes, creating a coastal living haven.

Photography by Kate Brockhurst

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- by Matt Watts