Apartment in Monaco by NG-Studio

This contemporary summer residence designed by NG-Studio is situated in Monaco.

Description by NG-Studio

Beauty of nature in Cote d’Azur has impressed a Team of NG-STUDIO to create the pure delicate interior for private apartment in Monaco. They brought a nature into the interior and have designed a harmony space for comfortable life without unnecessary things. Natural colors of sand and stone, colors of sky and sea on dusk are creates background for the interior. Bright accent in the interior is combination of saturated green and dazzling white.

The whole interior is demonstrates an idea of relaxing in space where everything is subordinated to functionality. From three apartments was created two volumes – one for family private apartments, other – for receiving friends and relatives. Large apartments are devided on two parts – public and private. The first is a common space of three functional blocks (lounge, kitchen and living room), flowing into each other. The logical continuation of the living room has an open terrace.

Designer paid great attention to question of organization of effective storage systems. The principle of the integration of the furniture in the architecture contributed to the transformation of the space, make it a harmonious and functional, where is nothing hints at the everyday household life and only adjusts to comfortable stay.

Photography courtesy of NG-Studio

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- by Matt Watts

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