Guest Houses by YOD design-lab

Located in the Poltava region in Ukraine, these modern guest houses were designed in 2015 by YOD design-lab.

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Description by YOD design-lab

The guest houses are the variation of the hotel rooms in the spa-complex “Relax Park Verholy,” located in a pine forest in the Poltava region. Houses are built from lightweight metal frame structures made by BF Zavod company (Kiev) in accordance with the designers’ drafts.

The space of the house is 32 m² and the total weight of the frame with the sandwich panels, covering construction and floors, is 2200 kg. One of the challenges that faced the studio was the realization of the project in a short time. Designers managed to complete it within only two months. During this period construction works were carried out, engineering networks and communications were established, and finishing works and decoration were implemented.

Instead of the usual solid base the house stands on the so-called screw base. This technology allows to set quickly the structure in any landscape without harming nature. This type of base helped to set the houses among the pines without damaging any trees or their root system. The houses are standing above the ground (at least a meter), so designers succeeded to manage without the base structure and the waterproofing. All rainages were hidden behind the front cladding.

The interior floors are tiled and equipped with water heating; the walls are covered with plywood from veneered oak, and ceilings and terrace – with larch plates. From the outside the building is covered with heat-treated plates made of solid alder. The house is equipped with water heating and channel air-conditioning. All lighting (diode lamps and background diode highlighters) are energy saving.

The interior is realized in minimalist aesthetics. For finishing designers used natural materials and colors. One of the walls in the house is fully glazed. In the daytime guests can enjoy nature without leaving the room, and for evening privacy the rooms have the dense curtains.

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko

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- by Matt Watts