Residence in Athens by Dolihos Architects

Designed by Dolihos Architects, this contemporary two-storey residence is situated in Glyfada, Athens, Greece.

Description by Dolihos Architects

This two-storey house is located in the northeastern part of the plot, in order to provide a large courtyard with a pool, southwest oriented enclosing the main entrance from Dimokratias Str.

The building’s form is simple, while the southwest façade emphasizes a horizontality, resulting to an austere, almost monumental design with two major gates.

The southwest gate leads to the house’s main entrance. The surrounding area lies 1m (3.28ft) higher than the street level, which, along with the tall planting, provides privacy to the residents.

The living areas on the ground floor were designed as an open space, oriented to the south, with views over the garden, whereas a playroom and a guesthouse are situated on the back, along to the backyard.

The upper floor accommodates the family’s bedrooms and an open space office, all with direct access to outdoor space. Storage rooms, gym, garage and living area for the domestic worker, can be found on the basement.

Photogrpahy courtesy of Dolihos Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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