Landscape Hotel by Vivood Landscape Hotels

This sustainable modular accommodation was designed in 2015 by VIVOOD Landscape Hotels.

It’s located in the valley of Guadalest, close to Alicante, Spain.

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Description by Vivood Landscape Hotels

This pioneering network of sustainable accommodation for tourists has been designed and is managed by architects with innovative, modular architecture that blends into the landscape. Everything has been designed with one aim in mind: to enable guests to get away from it all.

After overcoming myriad challenges in terms of architecture, landscape and services, VIVOOD Landscape Hotels, a pioneering network of sustainable holiday destinations, opened its first landscape hotel in Spain this summer. The unique project is set in the unspoilt Valley of Guadalest, a stunning spot just 50 minutes from Alicante.

Our challenge was to provide all the comforts of a luxury hotel in a completely natural setting by using innovative modular architecture. The result is 25 independent suites, a restaurant and lounge bar, a panoramic swimming pool and several terraces and private outdoor hot tubs, all nestled in the heart of nature.

VIVOOD is a new hotel chain, designed and managed by architects with a passion to create spaces with a new concept to offer a unique experience to its guests. This is a place where travellers in search of new sensations will find peace and quiet in exclusive surroundings.

Each and every aspect of the concept – the site, the landscape, the views, the architecture, the interior design, the swimming pool and the hot tubs – has been selected to create a captivating hotel with an enchanting aura. A pure ambience of silence and tranquillity where you can get away from it all: a real differential value.

VIVOOD is a place where you can leave the world behind, based on the basic premise of the Landscape hotel concept:

– Direct, physical and visual contact with the surroundings. This is achieved with the enormous windows in each of the modular bedrooms and common buildings, not only in the main room but in the bathroom.
– By fostering a feeling of isolation and exclusivity. To achieve this, the guest accommodation consists of independent modules arranged in a spacious, open, natural area, each surrounded by at least 1,500 square metres of land.
– Modules are positioned on the land without changing its topography, and anchored to the ground using an innocuous, reversible foundation system.
– The landscape in the area is conserved and restored using local plants and trees.
– The architectural design is such that each room is independent and separate, allowing guests to enjoy their surroundings in privacy. Access to the accommodation is by way of at the back of the units, from which nobody can see inside the buildings.
– Rooms are laid out along a central ‘backbone’ that branches out into the different paths for exclusive use of guests accommodated in each unit, to ensure absolute peace and quiet.
– The project has been built using sustainable materials and techniques and blends beautifully into the environment. The main building materials used are wood and black Viroc.
– Outside lighting. The entire hotel is installed with low consumption ambient lighting controlled with low spots of light. These guide guests around the site at night but have no environmental impact and cause no light pollution.

Terrace room

Guests long to sleep surrounded by nature, and to have a private look-out point over the scenery. That dream comes true when they look through the enormous windows in both the bedroom and shower room.

The three-part bedroom window can be opened fully. Carpentry is minimal and an exterior fixing system has been designed to support the ensemble to use as much glass as possible. This window is conceived to be a picture of colourful greenery and light that floods into the neutral interior with its streamlined décor, white walls, grey ceramic tiled floor and signature wood.

The shower room is private from the outside. A continuous wooden platform and fixed floor-to-ceiling glazing put nature at the tips of your fingers.

Suite with private Jacuzzi

Four of the rooms have private pools which have been carved into the rock in strategic locations with stunning views. These are spots where you can bathe in private, at the end of the paths that offer guests the utmost privacy.

Panoramic swimming pool

All pools are lined in black so that they reflect their surroundings. Rather than mere swimming pools, they are mirrors that reflect their surroundings. Once again, the limits between structure and landscape fade away.

Photography by Pablo Vázquez

- by Matt Watts