Weekend Home by AYA Living Group

Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, this industrial 2,034 sq ft apartment was designed in 2014 by AYA Living Group.

Description by AYA Living Group

This Kaohsiung apartment is a weekend home that allows its owner to entertain friends and family from outer cities while maintaining comfortable private space.

The house envelop emphasizes nature, due to its proximity to one of the city larges park. Colors and Materials in the interior are tapestries of, wood, raw metal panel, hand crafted concrete paint, and wooden floors.

The living, dining / kitchen are grouped to create a central gathering space. Custom dining table is designed to be raised to bar-table height to neatly integrate with the Kitchen Island, suiting its purpose of a gathering space.

Handcrafted concrete wall reflects color and light throughout the living spaces in the house, even at night with artificial color the space creates a comfortable transition between day and night.

The large 3 panel metal sliding door separates the open living space from small hallway which terminates with 3 cozy private retreat bedrooms, each was specially articulated with different style concrete backdrop to once again reflect light and give the space its own character.

Photography courtesy of AYA Living Group

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- by Matt Watts

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