WATT by Dift

Eclectic penthouse apartment designed by Dift, located in Ghent, Belgium.

WATT by Dift - 1
WATT by Dift - 2
WATT by Dift - 3
WATT by Dift - 4
WATT by Dift - 5
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Description by Dift

DIFT provides a temporary solution for a vacant office block in Ghent. The three-storey building hosts several activities and shops. On the highest floor you’ll find something awesome: a penthouse! DIFT involved several brands and stores to such as espoo., Huiszwaluw Home, Labt, Piet Moodshop, Koperhuis en Studio Klaer. The result is an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and temporary design. The penthouse counts four separate bedrooms, with a different look & fool.

Photography by Ros

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- by Matt Watts