Contemporary House in Kharkov by SBM Studio

Designed in 2014 by SBM Studio, this contemporary private residence is situated in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Description by SBM Studio

This house with wavy roof was built for a family with two daughters. The house is located in a picturesque place in Kharkiv region. That’s why our task was to create a house that is merge with nature. Almost each space has a beautiful view on the birch grove and the lake.

The facades are a combination of basalt stone, thermo ash and glass. On the ground floor there is a stainless steel swimming pool, where the water reflects sky and trees.

We have play of light and shade in the living room during the day because of the windows in the roof. The roof overhangs the terrace eight meters long and provides comfort in any weather.

The landscape is extremely functional and neat. In front of the house catalpa trees provide shade in hot weather and do not obscure the view on the lake. Initially on the area there was fifteen meters difference in the height, so we decided to divide it in two flat terraces.

In one of the terraces arranged an arbour and grotto for children. It became a favourite place of all family members and their friends.

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko

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- by Matt Watts

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