25 Degree Celsius Dwelling by Urbane

Designed by Urbane, this contemporary apartment is located in Taiwan.

Description by Urbane

ou may forget what time it is in the afternoon. Do not mind the time after you fall asleep. The wind blows from the 17th floor is missing some pungent smell of asphalt. The reader lies on the sofa to indulge himself in the details of the chapters. The light penetrates through the blinds, embellishing the floor and wall. The veneer tickles the wood knots of time while the iron pieces murmur the charm of silence. You can touch the whisky glass gently And you do not need get a little drunk in order to get away from fatigue in that ambient. There is not absolute direction and the space is left with seats for stretching. You can arrange the lineups of each chair freely, stare at the TV, listen to the tones of stereo, to perceive the tranquility and harmony of staying at home.

Photography courtesy of Urbane

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- by Matt Watts

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