Vista Mar 17 by SARCO Architects

Situated in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica, this amazing private residence was designed by SARCO Architects.

Description by SARCO Architects

This residence has a privileged location in the Peninsula Papagayo , is next to the 17th hole tee Four Seasons Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. The land has a very irregular shape, as two intersecting triangles, and a medium to steep topography. The irregular shape with sharp angles combined with proper regulation of the development withdrawals made the resulting space was very uncomfortable.

Therefore we designed the residence as three major structural hinged together by means of connecting corridors, so that it was possible to answer the landform and the changing topography. Just like our other designs, the residence was designed elevated natural ground, so that its construction was possible without removing a single cubic meter of ground material. With this methodology we achieve environmentally responsible design, and maximize the view that in doing so became spectacular distance.

Once the desired height is achieved, the view of this site are the richest we have experienced. It has a mixture of short views to the golf course, then a forest view middle distance, combined with a view of the bay and the Hotel Four Seasons, and the peninsula to the Golf of Papagayo and to the right a spectacular open view Sea.

We use natural materials such as wood and stone veneer, combined with the extensive glass surfaces and solid plastered surfaces in earthy colors.

We conducted several special design elements, such as stone columns that fall on the water in the pool, and metal umbrellas for sun protection in the main hall, which play an important role in the architecture of the house. This in particular, play a big role, as they allowed us to design the social space with spectacular windows but ensuring an effective sunscreen to make comfortable space.

Photography courtesy of SARCO Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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