Apartment in Taipei by Ganna Design

Apartment in Taipei is an inspiring Zen home situated in Taiwan, designed in 2016 by Ganna Design.

Cozy home library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, tropical plants, and a wooden dining table.
Cozy living room with large window, wood flooring, and contemporary furniture.
A modern living room with black cabinetry, a cozy lounge chair, and a window with natural light.
Contemporary kitchen with sleek open shelving, rustic wood flooring, and industrial-style furniture.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, marble countertops, and a minimalist central island. Sleek appliances and decor.
Minimalist bathroom with modern vanity, mirror cabinet, and wood-paneled walls.
Modern bedroom with minimalist white closet doors, hardwood flooring, and recessed lighting.
A modern, minimalist studio apartment with a green accent wall, shelving, and hardwood floors.
Minimalist bathroom interior with square ceramic tiles, freestanding tub, and vessel sink.

About Apartment in Taipei

The house belongs to a couple with two small children. The husband is an engineer, and the wife is a lawyer. They often host friends on weekends, so they need a larger common area.

Original House Situation

Located in a suburb of Taipei, the house offers green views and natural light. The peaceful setting inspired the designer.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The house has a great squared space with minimal marginal spaces, making spatial planning easier. A large window provides ample natural light. However, too many partition walls make the common area small and restrict sunlight.

Clients’ Lifestyle Preferences

As professionals with high-pressure jobs, the couple seeks a serene, Japanese Zen-style space. They want their antique collection integrated into their daily lives.

Interior Spatial Arrangement

Living Room: The living room is narrowed and designed for music and reading, not TV. An oblique corner cabinet stores the couple’s CD collection.

Dining Room: The dining room is central to daily life and social gatherings. Iron pieces above the table extend the visual space and function as shelves for plants and oil lamps. The bar and kitchen island allow guests to help themselves to desserts and drinks. Tea pots and caddies decorate the kitchen area.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Three rooms include a multi-functional Japanese-style room for play or guests. The bathroom features three types of tiles for texture and a separate washstand for convenience.

Traffic Flow and Space Arrangement

The original house had too many partitions. Designers reconfigured the layout, placing private rooms in the back and common areas in the front. This layout allows the family to host many friends. A round-shaped traffic flow enlarges the spatial perception. Sliding doors ensure sunlight reaches every corner.

Materials and Colors

The design uses materials that match the owner’s antique wood furniture and interest in tea ceremonies. Marble and wood add comfort. Wood tones and light green sliding doors create a soft, elegant ambiance.

Design Concept

Inspired by greenery and the owners’ antique collection, the design uses natural light and an open layout. Bedrooms and bathrooms are in the back, with a large common area in the front. A multifunctional partition cabinet separates and connects the spaces. The dining table anchors the home, with a kitchen island for various activities. An iron shelf above the dining table holds oil lamps and plants, creating a camping-like atmosphere. Wood flooring and veneer enhance the natural feel.

The simple elegance of the public spaces continues in the bedrooms. White motifs and classic wooden cabinets define the style. The bathrooms are centrally located for smooth traffic flow. The Japanese-style room doubles as a guest room. Surrounded by greenery, the family enjoys comfort and a sense of camping even in the bustling city.

Photography by Siew Shien Sam

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- by Matt Watts