Santa Pola Refurbishment by arn Arquitectos

Located in Alicante, Spain, Santa Pola Refurbishment is a historical building completely redesigned by arn Arquitectos.

Rustic interior with exposed wooden trusses, stone walls, and modern furnishings.
Rustic wooden beam ceiling, modern industrial furniture, open-plan loft design.
A modern industrial interior with exposed wooden beams, stone walls, and minimalist furnishings.
Minimalist open-concept space with exposed brick walls, wood beams, and modern furniture.
The interior features a modern staircase, exposed wooden beams, and a open-concept layout.
A modern, minimalist kitchen with a marble-topped island, black metal stools, and recessed lighting.
A rustic space with stone walls, wooden beams, and modern furnishings, creating an intriguing contrast.
Rustic wooden beams frame a modern lounge with minimalist furniture and stone walls.
A modern, rustic interior with wooden beams, stone walls, and minimalist furniture.
An industrial-style space with exposed wood beams, metal mesh panels, and minimalist furnishings.
A stone building with an arched entryway and intricate architectural details.

About Santa Pola Refurbishment

Restoring Historical Architecture

Building often involves removing layers, not just adding them. This principle guided the renovation of the “Posito Pesquero.” For years, the true design of this building remained hidden.

Uncovering Original Elements

Originally, the project aimed to fix humidity issues and leaks. However, it soon became a complete restoration of the historical structure, dating back to 1860. The building’s purpose and structure had changed dramatically over time. These changes made the original design nearly unrecognizable.

Exposing Hidden Structures

Outside, the walls had layers of paint and mortar. Inside, a tiled brick wall concealed the original stone and masonry. Diverse ceiling heights blocked views of the wooden roof structure.

The redesign suggests reconfiguring the interior and slightly expanding the space. This change creates a double-height area, enhancing views from various levels and highlighting unique elements like the wooden roof.

Conservation and Enhancement

A thorough cleaning and consolidation effort was necessary for maintenance and restoration. Workers removed paint and mortar from the exterior to reveal the underlying masonry with its brick, base (plinth), border, and cornice details.

The project restored the facade’s original openings, which had been altered for new uses, prioritizing functionality but ignoring historical accuracy.

Modern Additions and Functional Upgrades

The team polished and updated the original roof tiles, adding insulation and water-resistant treatments. They introduced two large gates that mirror historical warehouse doors, improving access while blending with the facade.

Inside, two black-painted, metallic crates provide separation in the entryway, respecting the original brick outlines. A newly built wall protects the structure from moisture, and a floating concrete deck (pavement) ensures continuity.

Lastly, the new floor structure in the attic respects the original stone and masonry, distinguishing it from the new additions. This approach preserves the integrity of the original building while accommodating modern needs.

Photography by David Frutos

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- by Matt Watts