Wil’s 11 by The Roof Studio

Located in Shah Alam, Malaysia, Wil’s 11 is a contemporary single family house designed in 2016 by The Roof Studio.

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About Wil’s 11

Welcome to “Wil’s 11,” a masterpiece from The Roof Studio, crafted in the heart of Shah Alam, Malaysia. Designed in 2016, this contemporary house is a perfect blend of modernity and nature.

Contemporary Living by the Lake

Upon entering, the spacious living room greets you with its towering double volume wood-based wall feature. This striking element brings the outdoors in, echoing the soothing presence of the nearby lake. Paired with sheer curtains, the room basks in natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The neutral color scheme and minimalist furnishings allow the architecture itself to take center stage, offering a spacious retreat from the world outside.

Modern Elegance in the Kitchen

Transitioning to the kitchen, sleek black cabinets contrast with natural wood accents, embodying the home’s contemporary vibe. The open concept design encourages conversation, with a wooden breakfast bar serving as the heart of the space. Overhead, copper-toned pendant lights add a touch of sophistication, illuminating the area with a warm glow.

Intimate Spaces Upstairs

The bedroom presents a sanctuary where deep blue walls meet rich wooden flooring. The plush headboard and luxurious textiles invite you to relax, while thoughtful details like a small work corner reflect the home’s practical yet stylish design ethos. Large windows draped in flowing curtains offer views of the tranquil lake, subtly connecting each space to the natural environment.

Completing the tour, the bathroom exudes simplicity and style. A traditional clawfoot tub under the window provides a classic touch, alongside modern fixtures. It’s a space where the day’s worries can wash away in an environment of understated luxury.

Wil’s 11 stands as a testament to The Roof Studio’s ability to create a home that is both a stylish abode and a natural escape, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary living.

Photography courtesy of The Roof Studio

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- by Matt Watts