Telethon Home by InVogue

Telethon Home is a contemporary single family house located in Eden Beach, Satterley, Australia, designed in 2017 by InVogue.

Modern open-concept kitchen, living room, and spiral staircase in a cozy, stylish home.
Spacious open-plan kitchen-dining area with modern, minimalist design elements.
Spacious open-plan living area with modern, minimalist furniture and large windows.
Sleek modern kitchen with wooden accents, pendant lighting, and a large central island.
A modern living room with a grey sectional sofa, abstract artwork, and recessed lighting.
Luxurious modern bedroom with tall windows, minimalist decor, and abstract artwork.
Spacious modern bathroom with large windows, minimalist vanity, and stand-alone tub.
Sleek, modern apartment balcony with glass walls, cozy outdoor seating, and city skyline view.
Sleek modern office building with clean lines, brick facade, and large windows.

About Telethon Home

Discover Eden Beach: A Coastal Gem

Nestled in the northern coastal corridor, Eden Beach lies just 25 miles (40km) from the bustling Perth CBD. This family-friendly community boasts unparalleled safety and stunning beaches, inviting everyone to bask in its beauty. Here, the Telethon Home, designed with its breathtaking beachside vistas in mind, stands as a testament to architectural innovation and environmental harmony.

A Masterpiece of Modern Design

The Telethon Home, embracing a modern cubist design, intelligently utilizes the 4,553 sq ft (423 sqm) plot to its fullest. Its design, both inside and out, features the latest market innovations. Sourcing building materials locally, this home harmonizes with Perth’s climate. Meticulous selection extends to every component, from benchtops and laminates to floor coverings and ceramic tiles, showcasing the best Western Australia offers.

Spacious Living for the Family

On the ground floor, the home unfolds into a spacious haven. It includes a home theatre, an office, minor bedrooms, and an activity room, all with direct alfresco access. Moreover, the family-centric design extends upstairs to a kitchen with a scullery, alongside a living and dining area. This leads to a grand balcony, making entertaining a breeze.

In Harmony with Nature

InVogue has skillfully matched the home with its natural surroundings. The exterior features a warm-toned brick wall and exquisite scyon axon cladding. Inside, an open tread timber and steel staircase elegantly floats above the ground floor. Every detail in the Telethon Home exudes modern elegance and contemporary chic, catering to any family’s needs.

Elegance Meets Functionality

The Telethon Home is not just a dwelling but a statement of modern elegance and functionality. Its thoughtful design and attention to detail ensure a living space that is both beautiful and practical. Here, families can find not just a house, but a home that reflects their values and lifestyle, all within the vibrant community of Eden Beach.

Photography by Joel Barbitta

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- by Matt Watts