Apartment in Kyiv by Igor Lugerin

Apartment in Kyiv, located on Klovsky Descent is an inspiring 1,722 sq ft apartment designed in 2017 by Igor Lugerin.

Sleek, minimalist kitchen and dining area with dark cabinetry, neutral tones, and modern lighting.
Minimalist design with clean lines, neutral tones, and seamless integration of living and kitchen spaces.
Sleek, modern kitchen and living area with minimalist design, large windows, and neutral tones.
Contemporary kitchen with black cabinets, wooden accents, and minimalist lighting.
Sleek, minimalist bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, recessed lighting, and a modern entertainment console.
Contemporary minimalist bedroom with gray upholstered bed, green side tables, and wall-mounted lighting.
Elegant modern bathroom with marble walls, freestanding tub, and vanity sink.
Sleek, modern bathroom with marble tile walls, wooden vanity, and recessed lighting.
Sleek modern bathroom with marble walls, vanity, and black-framed mirror.

About Apartment in Kyiv

An Architectural Gem in the Heart of Kyiv

Lugerin Architects have masterfully designed a stunning 1,722 sq. ft. (160 sq. m.) apartment nestled within the iconic Carnegie Center Skyscraper on Klovsky Descent, Kyiv. This masterpiece of design harmoniously blends modern living with breathtaking views of Kyiv’s central skyline.

Panoramic Elegance Meets Iconic Design

The apartment boasts expansive windows, framing panoramic vistas of Kyiv’s heart. Seamlessly, the space merges the kitchen, living room, and dining area into an open-plan layout. Here, an armchair by the legendary Le Corbusier not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers unmatched comfort, inviting residents to relax and soak in the scenery.

A Private Sanctuary

Venturing into the private quarters, the apartment reveals a serene bedroom accompanied by an ensuite restroom and a spacious walk-in closet. Additionally, the layout includes a practical laundry room and a guest restroom, ensuring convenience and privacy for both residents and visitors alike.

Custom Craftsmanship

Lugerin Architects took customization to the next level, personally designing nearly all furniture pieces and select lighting fixtures. This commitment to bespoke design underscores the apartment’s exclusivity and elegance.

A Showcase of Ukrainian Craftsmanship

Complementing the custom designs, the apartment also features exquisite furniture from renowned Ukrainian brands. INTERIA provides the plush sofa and bed, while WOO furniture contributes stylish bar stools and a vanity table chair. Lastly, IVANNA furniture completes the setting with a chic coffee table and poufs, rounding off an interior that’s both luxurious and uniquely Ukrainian.

Photography by Igor Lugerin

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- by Matt Watts