Hotel Le Toiny by Osborn Interiors

Situated on the island of St Barts, Hotel Le Toiny is a beautiful boutique hotel designed by Osborn Interiors.

Elegant coastal-style living room with natural tones and textures.
Elegant coastal bedroom with symmetric layout, neutral tones, and natural light.
Elegant living room with beige sofas, a glass table, built-in booksh
Elegant neutral-toned living room with dining area and kitchen in the background.
Contemporary bathroom with a freestanding tub and stone accent wall.
Elegant bar setup with vibrant pink stools and stylish pendant lights.
Elegant coastal living room with ocean view and breezy design.

About Hotel Le Toiny

Refined Elegance at Hotel Le Toiny

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of St. Barts, Hotel Le Toiny emerges as a gem of boutique hospitality. Designed by the distinguished Osborn Interiors, the chic hotel marries comfort with elegance. From the moment guests step through its welcoming doors, the serene color palette and sophisticated textures whisper a promise of luxury.

Inviting Interiors: A Journey of Design

Begin in the serene living room, where calm greens and creamy whites create a harmonious backdrop. Each element, thoughtfully selected, reflects the chic design ethos that Osborn Interiors is renowned for. The room invites conversation, with plush sofas offering a view into the lush outdoors. The transition to the open-plan kitchen is seamless, where functionality meets style; state-of-the-art appliances stand ready to assist in crafting gourmet memories.

Stepping further, the dining area unfolds with understated grandeur. Here, natural light dances off the surfaces, highlighting meals shared and toasts made. The bedrooms beckon with crisp linens and restful neutrals, promising a peaceful slumber after the day’s escapades. Textural contrasts add depth and interest, ensuring that each room is a standalone masterpiece while contributing to the hotel’s cohesive story.

The Heart of Hospitality: Boutique Amenities

As guests venture through the hotel, they encounter spaces that cater to every whim. The bar area dazzles with vibrant pops of color, beckoning visitors to linger over a cocktail. Amidst the laid-back ambiance, the reception area stands as a testament to understated elegance; here, guests plan their next adventure with ease. The bathrooms, a sanctuary of solitude, feature natural stone that harmonizes with the tranquil vibe of the hotel.

Each space within Hotel Le Toiny, from the sun-drenched porches with their comforting whites to the convivial communal areas, is a chapter in its own right. Osborn Interiors has crafted a narrative that pays homage to St. Barts’ spirit while infusing modern chic into every corner. Conceived with care, Hotel Le Toiny stands as a beacon of sophisticated hospitality, inviting guests to indulge in the art of fine living.

Photography courtesy of Osborn Interiors

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- by Matt Watts