Hoyo 15 – Apartment in Marbella

Hoyo 15 is a beautiful contemporary apartment located in the Spanish city of Marbella.

Contemporary living room with wood paneling and sectional sofa.
Contemporary living space with sleek furnishings and large landscape artwork.
Contemporary living space with a garden view and a vertical plant wall.
Modern outdoor patio with hot tub and dining area.
Modern living room with a blue sofa, wooden floors, and LED ceiling lights.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden floors and white cabinets.
Bright bedroom with twin beds, landscape art, and balcony access.
Modern bathroom with glass shower, wooden cabinets, and white sink.
Contemporary bathroom with wooden accents and clean lines.
Contemporary bedroom with textured wall, large window, and garden view.
Modern bedroom with white walls, wooden furniture, and a mounted TV.

About Hoyo 15

Nestled in the sun-drenched coastal town of Marbella, Spain, Hoyo 15 emerges as a contemporary architectural masterpiece. Designed for the modern dweller, this apartment juxtaposes the serene Mediterranean outdoors with an interior of sleek lines and luxurious simplicity.

The Allure of Contemporary Living

Step inside to discover an open-plan living room that epitomizes contemporary grace. Natural light cascades through expansive windows, creating a seamless blend with the vibrant outdoor foliage. The strategically placed modern furnishings and thoughtful décor underscore the apartment’s chic aesthetic while promising comfort and style.

Transitioning to the kitchen, the narrative of contemporary elegance continues. The space is a culinary canvas with minimalist cabinetry and state-of-the-art appliances. An aerial cityscape mural anchors the room, infusing urban sophistication into the coastal haven.

Intimate Spaces Crafted with Purpose

The bedroom is a sanctuary of calm, with muted tones and textures inviting rest and relaxation. A unique reflective window provides a glimpse into the apartment’s heart, ensuring that even the most private space feels connected and expansive.

Another bedroom offers a dialogue between indoor luxury and outdoor beauty. Here, plush textiles and an inviting bed frame juxtapose against the lush garden view, symbolizing the harmonious balance Hoyo 15 achieves.

A Refined Retreat

The bathroom showcases a sleek design with clean lines. It’s a testament to functionality and elegance, equipped with a spacious tub, modern fixtures, and a mirrored vanity that enhances the sense of space.

Concluding our tour, the outdoor living area reaffirms the home’s dedication to relaxation and entertainment. The plush seating and jacuzzi offer an idyllic retreat, accented by the verdant privacy of the surrounding gardens.

At Hoyo 15, the soul of Marbella is captured in every detail, presenting a living experience designed not just for the now but for a timeless lifestyle of elegance and ease.

Photography by O3 Photography

- by Matt Watts