BLU Ocean View by Annette Frommer – Interior Design

Situated in Tel Aviv, Israel, this contemporary apartment was designed in 2016 by Annette Frommer – Interior Design.

Description by Annette Frommer – Interior Design

Due to the apartment’s close proximity to Tel-Aviv’s HaTzuk Beach with its view of the glistening ocean on the horizon, it was only natural that I design the space of this unique apartment located in a luxury apartment building, using the wide-ranging possibilities of a blue color palette.

For the living area, I chose a petrol blue-hued velvet sofa that offers a regal feel to the space, as does the rectangular brass and glass coffee table. The stylish and contemporary wood kitchen provide a touch of warmth while the royal blue and black high stools complement this stylish appearance. The bedroom with its soothing color effect, creates an inviting and warm environment, a relaxing retreat for a peaceful night’s sleep, while the light white voile curtains allow the warmth of the sun to seep in when indulging in a short afternoon nap.

The final result is one of elegance and refinement made possible by the use of versatile, natural and timeless materials such as wood, marble, glass, and brass. It is the perfect elegant pied-à-terre, adjacent to the Mediterranean, for the ideal holiday in a city that never sleeps.

Photography courtesy of Annette Frommer – Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts