Rustic Style Apartment by YØDEZEEN Architects

Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, rustic style apartment is a beautiful home designed in 2017 by YØDEZEEN Architects.

Chic industrial-style living room with exposed brick and plush seating.
Contemporary living room with exposed brick walls and plush sofas.
Chic living space with exposed beams, herringbone floor, and plush sofas
Urban-chic living room with exposed brick and plush sofas.
Luxurious modern living room interior at twilight with elegant decor.
Elegant dining room with brick wall and hanging Edison bulbs.
Modern dining room with brick wall, wooden shelves, and a chandelier.
Sleek bedroom with glass partition and herringbone floor.
Contemporary bedroom with exposed concrete ceiling and plush bedding.
Industrial-chic bathroom with exposed brick wall and dual basin vanity.
Contemporary bathroom with exposed brick, herringbone floor, and freestanding

About Rustic Style Apartment

Discovering Rustic Modernity in Tbilisi

Nestled among mountains and graced by the Kura River, Tbilisi stands out. The city’s natural splendor has inspired us to infuse rustic elements into our interior designs. Lately, the fusion of country charm and modern flair, known as contemporary Rustic style, has soared in popularity. It masterfully marries simplicity with a modern aesthetic.

Consequently, we’ve embraced the use of natural, unfinished materials in our latest project. Specifically, we sourced ancient bricks from Tbilisi, cleaned them, and incorporated them into our design. These bricks, with their mellow tones and irregular edges, add a touch of aged beauty.

Crafting Space with Purpose

Our architects unlocked a layout that seamlessly divides into two zones: a welcoming open-concept area combining living, dining, and kitchen spaces, and a private section. The latter houses a guest bathroom, master bedroom with en suite, terrace, and wardrobes. This division ensures both functionality and privacy.

The open-plan design floods the space with natural light, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. Here, we’ve mixed eye-catching materials like oak flooring, rustic furniture, and metal and concrete surfaces. This blend achieves an elegant yet understated palette.

A Personal Sanctuary

In the private quarters, we’ve crafted a blend of comfort, coziness, and functionality. The residence features solid wood furniture and oak parquet flooring (in the living areas), setting a tone of grounded elegance. Classic furniture shapes stand against the backdrop of textured brick walls, adding depth and contrast. To infuse a touch of glamour, we’ve included glossy surfaces, like the bedroom and bathroom partitions, and kitchen facades.

A Cohesive Aesthetic Blend

The entire home embodies a harmonious mix of rugged and refined elements. From the living room’s Restoration Hardware furniture to the oak parquet floors, every choice reflects a commitment to quality and style. The lighting, especially the black fixtures from Eden Design and the rustic pendant chandelier from Restoration Hardware, underscores this aesthetic. Even the bathrooms, with marble finishes from Antonio Lupi and Gessi, contribute to the home’s luxurious feel. Custom-made glass partitions from Kyiv add a final, bespoke touch.

This project not only showcases the potential of combining rustic charm with modern design but also stands as a testament to the beauty of natural materials and thoughtful space planning.

Photography courtesy of YØDEZEEN Architects

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- by Matt Watts