Triplex Redesign by Valentí Albareda

Triplex Redesign by Valentí Albareda, is a traditional stone triplex apartment located in Barcelona, Spain.

Modern interior with exposed brick, wooden beams, floating staircase, and hanging plants.
Contemporary kitchen with exposed beams and a blend of rustic and sleek design elements.
Contemporary staircase with exposed brick and glass floor detail.
Modern bedroom with exposed stone wall and wooden beams, sliding door, and minimalist decor
Contemporary hallway with exposed brick, wooden beams, and glass floor.
Contemporary bathroom with exposed stone ceiling and beige tiles.
Vaulted brick ceiling with archway doors and a minimalist design.
Stone-walled room with glass ceiling and indoor plants.
Stone arches with modern stairs inside an old rustic building.

About Triplex Redesign

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, the Triplex Redesign by Valentí Albareda is a testament to the timeless beauty of traditional stone architecture, seamlessly merging with modern design. This triplex apartment stands as a beacon of innovative adaptation, providing an intimate glance into the past through its meticulously preserved stone walls while embracing contemporary living.

A Harmonious Blend of Old and New

Upon entering, the eye is immediately drawn to the harmonious interplay between old and new. The staircase, a symphony of terracotta and stone, rises elegantly, its linear modernity contrasting against the rugged ancient walls. Here, Valentí Albareda has masterfully balanced the building’s historic integrity with the sleekness of modern fixtures.

Elegant Arches and Ambient Light

The living spaces unfold with grace, each room flowing into the next. Vaulted ceilings with arches showcase the grandeur of traditional Catalan architecture. The dance of natural light across the brickwork highlights the organic textures, while minimalist glass partitions reflect a commitment to open, breathable spaces.

Intimate Intersections of Design

In the bathroom, golden tiles complement the sandstone’s warm hues, and a skylight invites the sky inside, adding depth and openness. Moving to the bedroom, the stone’s raw beauty meets the smooth lines of modern furniture, creating a serene escape. The combination of wooden beams and stone in the kitchen and dining area exudes warmth, inviting gatherings and culinary exploration.

Ascending to the loft, the staircase itself becomes a sculptural element, where metal, wood, and stone converge in a testament to Albareda’s design prowess. The upper levels reveal a spacious, light-filled expanse, with the original wooden beams drawing the eye upward and outward, enhancing the sense of space.

Valentí Albareda’s Triplex Redesign, completed in 2024, is a masterful orchestration of space, material, and light, representing a dialogue between eras. It stands not only as a home but as a narrative of Barcelona’s architectural evolution, promising to captivate and inspire those who walk its storied halls.

Photography by José Hevia

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- by Matt Watts