House in Sweden by Anna Inreder & Bettina Carlsson

House in Sweden is a beautiful country house designed by Anna Inreder & Bettina Carlsson.

Minimalist living space with neutral tones and exposed wooden beams.
Modern rustic kitchen with white decor, exposed beams, and a spiral staircase.
Bright, airy interior with white walls, polished floor, and a wooden loft.
Cozy attic bedroom with white brick walls and skylight.
Bright white attic space with slanted ceiling and chic decor.
Cozy attic bedroom with white sloped ceilings and pastel bedding.
Bright bathroom with clawfoot tub, patterned tiles, and white vanity.
Garden table setup with white chairs, pink blankets, and a floral centerpiece.
Traditional white house with a red tile roof and chimney, under a blue sky.

About House in Sweden

Nestled in the heart of Sweden, the “House in Sweden” project manifests the quintessence of Scandinavian design. Conceived by the visionary duo Anna Inreder & Bettina Carlsson, this country house stands as a paragon of serenity and minimalism. Through a curated journey from the facade to the inner sanctum, we unveil the essence of this architectural marvel.

Embracing Nature: The Exterior

As one approaches, the white-washed exterior, adorned with traditional Swedish woodwork and a terra cotta roof, harmonizes with cobblestone pathways and manicured hedges. Designed to merge seamlessly with its pastoral surroundings, the house’s façade is an ode to the Scandinavian ethos of simplicity and functionality.

Transitioning indoors, the living room greets visitors with an airy expanse. White beams stretch across the ceiling, while a plush, monochrome rug anchors the space. A mix of textures and patterns invites the outdoors in, with greenery peeping through the windows.

A Continuity of Style: The Living Space

The narrative of elegance continues in the dining area, set against a backdrop of apple trees. Outdoor furnishings in crisp white underscore the Scandinavian pursuit of life-enriching design. Here, the blend of nature and nurture sets the stage for alfresco dining.

In the bathroom, exposed wooden beams infuse a rustic charm, while the patterned floor tiles dance with intricate designs. The clawfoot tub, a nod to timeless grace, offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation amid the crisp, white tiled walls.

Intimate Elegance: The Bedrooms

The bedroom’s sloped ceilings create a cocoon of intimacy, with the bed dressed in linens that echo the softness of Swedish light. White dominates the palette, punctuated by thoughtful touches of pastel, ensuring a tranquil retreat.

Adjacent, another bedroom mirrors this quietude with two beds, where layers of grey textiles juxtapose the white purity of the walls. Here, comfort reigns supreme, offering a haven of peace for its inhabitants.

Finally, the workspace within the house adheres to the Scandinavian aesthetic of clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. A classic chair contrasts against the white canvas of the room, and the mood is set for contemplation and creativity.

Each space within the “House in Sweden” tells a story of balance and beauty, a testament to the vision of Anna Inreder & Bettina Carlsson. It stands as a space where design and function coexist in harmony, encapsulating the spirit of Scandinavian living.

Photography by Josefin Widell Hultgren

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- by Matt Watts