Villa in Monaco by NG-STUDIO Interior Design

Villa in Monaco is a beautiful luxurious villa located in Monaco designed by NG-STUDIO Interior Design.

Elegant white villa with balconies, nestled on a lush hillside.
Chic outdoor terrace with sofa seating and yellow beanbags.
Contemporary outdoor dining area with blue chairs and pendant lights.
Elegant living room with patterned floor, blue sofa, and chandelier.
Elegant dining area with intricate floor design and circular ceiling detail.
Elegant dining area with floral wallpaper and geometric floor design.
Modern living room with blue decor and circular ceiling light.
Elegant bedroom with blue and beige decor, plush headboard, and chic curtains
Elegant bathroom with floral mosaic backsplash, built-in bathtub, and shelves.
Elegant bathroom with mosaic walls and a curved vanity.
Luxury house with pool, sun loungers, and balcony.
Seaside infinity pool by stone villa with sunbeds and ocean view.

About Villa in Monaco

Introduction to Luxurious Living in Monaco

NG-STUDIO Interior Design crafted the interior of a villa located near the famed Monte-Carlo in Monaco. This project aimed to provide a private residence that ensures a comfortable stay for a client and their family. The villa’s prime location and prestigious status influenced the interior design, reflecting the essence of luxurious and comfortable living by the picturesque Cote d’Azur.

Design Philosophy: A Jewel of Comfort and Luxury

The design’s core idea was to create a rich and highly decorative space, mirroring the intricacy of a jewel box. Attention to detail was paramount, resulting in a space that boasts a plethora of unique solutions. The use of unusual materials and their innovative combinations enhances the interior’s intrigue, offering a multi-layered experience that unfolds with each visit.

A Harmonious Blend of Styles

In this villa, classical and traditional elements seamlessly blend with contemporary and expressive ones. Classical cornices’ refined lines meet artistic mosaics, suede, glass, and bronze. Warm tones add a delicate touch, while the quality textures of natural materials and finishes evoke a sense of comfortable, understated luxury.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

Every design element and the transition of textures and shades across rooms underscore a meticulous approach. These nuances, visible upon closer inspection, make the interior genuinely unique. This villa stands as a testament to discreet luxury, positioning itself as a true pearl on the Cote d’Azur, encapsulating the spirit of its surroundings.

Photography courtesy of NG-STUDIO Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts